Learning Through Positve Role-Models


Benefits of Role-Models


Why do we use role-models to help children learn the skills needed to be a motivated self-learner? Because modeling the behavior, thoughts, and attitudes of successful people has been shown to help a person become more successful.

Our research has shown that almost all of the successful people today (success defined as setting and reaching one’s own goal) had a series of role-models. The leaders of today all had great role-models that inspired them to great heights.

Whether it is Bill Clinton that used John F. Kennedy as his role-model or Henry Ford that used Thomas Edison as his role-model (in fact, he hung a picture of Edison near his work area). The selection of good role-models serves as a guide for them to make the most out of their abilities.

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important knowledge.” By introducing your child to role-models for all aspects of their lives, you are growing their imagination. With good role-models, you get your child to imagine success.

Role-models are a very powerful force for setting and achieving productive goals. Our minds are naturally developed to learn from the experience of others. Whether the experience is captured in the form of books, stories, or games – the experience of others offers a very powerful way to reach a higher level of success.

For example, teaching concepts of persistence through stories about the famous inventor Thomas Edison that failed 10,000 times before discovering the light bulb is a great way to show a child the value of determination!

It is imperative that children be exposed to good role-models that can guide them to develop their maximum potential in all aspects of their lives. Children naturally look to their surroundings for role-models. If they cannot find a good role-model, they will cling to bad ones.

Children need a set of good role-models to set an example of the behaviors, thinking styles, and attitudes needed to succeed in life.

A child that is intelligent, but does not have role-models to show them qualities like persistence, determination, and creative thinking is bound to be fall short of their true potential.

Having good role-models in a child’s life will give them a sense of productive goals and a sense of direction towards those goals. Humans without goals and role-models flounder in their lives.

A survey of most people in prison will show that many of them did not have goals or good role-models to give them a sense of direction! A survey of successful people show that they envisioned their ambitious goals at a young age. These very same successful folks also had positive role-models that they followed to reach their goals.

At the very least, take some time at the dinner table once a week and introduce your child to successful attitudes by telling them stories about successful people throughout human history.

For example, introduce your child to the positive quality of persistence by talking about Edison and his quest to invent the light bulb. Talking about the fact that Edison persisted through 10,000 failures until he finally found a way to make the light bulb. Mention how Edison’s success came from his failures.

Stories like these will help inspire your child to be a motivated self-learner and practical dreamer.

Written by Curiosoft Kids Games

More Information about Curiosoft Kids Games:

Our positive role-model series focuses on sharing positive role-models for your child. These games help your child model the thinking and attitudes needed to aim high in life.

The games focus on getting your child excited about all the things they can be in life. 

These games cultivate the desire and the skills needed to make your child a motivated self-learner.

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