Give your child the opportunity to cure animals by role-playing in Jr. Vet. Let your child play Jr. Doctor and cure storybook animals. A study from UCLA, a top medical school, showed that children with role models earn better grades and have higher self-esteem. Give your child the edge in life and let them role-play through all of the Jr. Series games. Your child can mirror positive role models and reach amazing goals in life. From fashion designer to firefighter, click here to view all of the Jr. Series.

The award-winning "Junior" series introduces your child to positive role models and inspires your child to take advantage of life's opportunities.

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Jr. Doctor here...

Jr. Vet here...

Jr. Scientist here...

Jr. Architect here...

Jr. Inventor here...

Jr. Firefighter here...

Jr. Astronaut here...

Jr. Fashion Designer here...

Jr. Dinosaur Hunter here...

Jr. Artist here...

Jr. Vet

Learn about being a veterinarian by curing fun animals

Jr. Doctor

Learn about being a doctor by healing famous fairy tale characters

Jr. Scientist

Learn about being a scientist by solving challenging thought puzzles

Jr. Inventor

Learn about being a scientist by solving challenging thought puzzles

Jr. Architect

Learn about being an architect by helping animals build new homes

Jr. Astronaut

Learn about being an astronaut

Jr. Firefighter

Learn about being a firefighter by saving animals

Jr. Dinosaur Hunter

Learn about dinosaurs by finding them

Jr. Fashion Designer

Learn about being a fashion designer by dressing up animals!

Jr. Tycoon

Start up a business!

Jr. Video Game Designer

Help design real video games!

Jr. Artist

Be an artist!

Jr. Writer

Write your own stories and share them with the world.

Jr. Car Maker

Design cars for fun animals

Jr. Nurse

Be a nurse!

Jr. Cartoonist

Make your own cartoon strip!

Jr. Zoo Keeper

Maintain the animals in the Zoo

Jr. Playground Designer

Design cool playgrounds for animals

Jr. Furniture Maker

Help design furniture for animals!

Jr. Chef

Cook cool food for animals

Jr. Scrapbook Maker

Make your own scrapbook full of pictures

Jr. Farmer

Raise a farm...

Jr. Superhero

Be a superhero!