Curiosity + Software = Curiosoft

Curiosoft's mission is to empower every child to develop, ACT upon, and contribute their passion.
We feel that learning how to learn is much more important than memorizing simple facts.
We feel that the purpose of learning is to develop and find one's identity.
We feel a child must have a certain set of learning experiences to develop and extend their sense of curiosity and self. We use role-models to introduce these experiences to children.
We feel that a child can best become a motivated self-learner by modeling the actions of good role models for all aspects of their lives.
Our games use the power of role-models to make your child a better self-learner. We have 3 series that focus on giving your child role-models to develop different aspects of themselves:
1) Positive Role-Models: A series based on showing your child the fun opportunities available in life.
The purpose of this series is to show your child good role-models they can aspire to be. They may not become a doctor, vet, scientist, or inventor but they can be motivated to develop the skills needed for each of these professions.
2) Thinking Role-Models (Genius Series): A series based on showing your child thinking role-models.
There is something to be taken from each of the great geniuses in history.
There is a thought process behind each one of these people that made them great.
By modeling the thought processes of geniuses, your child can think like a genius.
The "Genius Series" lets your child learn the thinking tools of the greatest thinkers throughout mankind.
With these powerful thinking tools, your child will be able to live life to the fullest.
Many of the most effective thinking structures that make your child a practice dreamer are invisible to the human eye. Like gravity, these thinking structures are invisible but very powerful.
We have invested a lot of research into studying the geniuses throughout mankind so that we can make your child a better thinker.
We take these invisible thoughts structures structures that make your child a better thinker and make games around them so children can learn the thought processes of genius more easily.
3) Project Role-models (Project Series): A series based on giving your child guidance towards completing projects.
By giving your child games, they are able to learn from these role-models in an effective, productive, and fun way.
The games give your child feedback that ensures they learn the concepts clearly and then have the capability to apply them in life.
When every child can set and reach their own meaningful goals, we will have completed our mission.
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